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Why us?

  • We will pay you the most for your policy when you work directly with us.
  • We care about your choice to invest in your retirement.
  • More money to the client than competitors.
  • More money to the agent than working with brokers.
  • Faster close so you can enjoy your life without the stress of brokering.

If you have reached the point where your life insurance policy no longer makes sense, you have options besides letting your policy lapse or surrendering it to the insurance company.

You can sell your policy to us with no fuss, following our agile method.




  1. Fill out our 24 Rapid Valuation Form
  2. Interview & document review
  3. Offer
  4. Finalize Paperwork for Payment

With our transparent and efficient process, you will have an offer in 24 hours and the entire process takes less than a month.

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