Learn About Life Settlements

Can I sell my policy?

Your life insurance policy is a financial asset – and can be sold for cash. The sale of your policy is a right protected by the Supreme Court via their decision in Grigsby v Russell. 

You owe it to yourself to explore your options. If you are over 70, often a life settlement is worth MUCH more than the cash surrender value. In fact, in our experience, on average we have paid roughly 10 times the cash surrender value.

Why sell my policy?

Policy owners sell their policies for a myriad of reasons including:

  1. You no longer need the policy
  2. You can no longer afford the premiums
  3. Funds are needed for major expenses such as medical care.

Regardless of the reason, the team here at Agile Insurance is here to help.

How much is my policy worth?

The value of your insurance policy is dependent on four variables including:

  1. Cost of future premiums
  2. Your health status
  3. Policy face value
  4. Policy maturity dae

As a general rule, policies for insured under 70 do not price unless there are severe medical issues. 

To help you figure out your policy's value, we offer a Life Settlement Calculator for illustrative purposes.

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